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Hi, I'm Tracy and I love making dolls.  I've been making dolls for over 20 years.  I do it because it feeds my spirit.  I'm a tinkerer at heart and I enjoy making all types of things.  I sew, I sculpt, I paint, I make jewelry, but my ultimate goal to bring a smile to your face.  

If you want a special one of a kind gift, then you are at the right place.  The patterns used here are my original patterns, and each doll is an unique work of art.  My dolls are great for home decoration and they add to your home style, but they are also treasured gifts for adults and for children - most of my dolls are 100% cotton and washable (gentle cycle).  These dolls will nearly always bring a smile to someone's day.  

Dolls help us to express our inner most feelings.  They can make us laugh, yet they can also provide comfort when we need it. 

I put a lot of heart and time in making my dolls, but I've managed to keep the pricing reasonable.  I hope you can appreciated the unique touches that go into each doll. 

I have several pre-made dolls available, but YES, I make custom dolls too.  If you have questions, or custom orders, please contact me.

Patterns can be purchased at:

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